By David Cohen, Licensed Contractor

There’s an age-old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Nowhere is this truer than in the roofing industry of Orange County and the broader Hudson Valley. At Green Collar Roofing in Middletown, NY, we’ve seen firsthand the pitfalls of prioritizing price over quality. Here’s why opting for the lowest priced roofer might end up costing you more.

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1. Material Quality Matters
Seeking a bargain? Think again! Using substandard materials can lead to wear and tear, requiring expensive repairs. Also mixing roofing components from separate manufacturers almost always voids the shingle warranty.

2. Expertise Counts
Real-life scenario: James from Florida, NY chose a local budget roofer and soon faced leakage issues and quickly learned there was no warranty registered for his project. After turning to us at Green Collar Roofing, not only did we rectify the problem, but we also provided a lasting solution, and a real extended warranty.

3. The Safety Net of Licensing and Insurance
Licensing and insurance aren’t mere formalities. They’re safety nets that protect homeowners from unforeseen circumstances. They are important and necessary so make sure to prioritize this requirement.

4. Warranty – A Sign of Trust

Ensure your roofer understands the nuances of installation. Any installation error or oversight will void a manufacturer’s warranty. This is extremely important to understand. Your roof is only as good as your roofer’s help is.

5. No Hidden Surprises
Transparency is our mantra. Unlike some contractors, what you see is what you get with Green Collar Roofing.

6. Your Time is Precious
Waiting indefinitely for a roofer? Not with us! We respect your time and adhere to schedules.

7. Boosting Your Home’s Resale Value
Quality roofing can enhance your property’s appeal and value. Don’t compromise.

8. The Green in Green Collar Roofing
Opting for quality is eco-friendly. Fewer replacements mean less waste, and quality roofs improve home insulation, reducing energy bills.

9. Peace of Mind Isn’t Priceless; It’s Essential
Your roof is more than tiles and beams—it’s your family’s protection. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

FAQ Corner
Q: Will a quality roof save on energy bills?
A: Absolutely! Quality roofs provide better insulation, reducing energy consumption.

Q: How often will I need repairs with a high-quality roof?
A: Quality roofs, when properly maintained, require minimal repairs.

About Green Collar Roofing

Established in Middletown, NY, Green Collar Roofing combines decades of experience with a commitment to quality and the community. As proud members of the Orange County business group and holders of several roofing certifications, our mission extends beyond roofs—it’s about building trust, one shingle at a time. In the heart of Orange County, discerning homeowners understand the wisdom behind “You get what you pay for.” Choose Green Collar Roofing for a blend of quality, transparency, and peace of mind.

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